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Why Attend?

Bringing civil service leaders from around the world to Singapore to take part in debate on organisational change, policymaking and service delivery, the Leaders’ Forum is a free conference for civil service leaders and managers


Debate with your peers 

Explore with public servants from many professions, departments and countries how best to work together in pursuit of organisational change, policymaking and service delivery.


Learn from overseas

Hear from leading innovators working on policy, organisational, service delivery and digital initiatives in governments around the world – and addressing the challenges you face in common.


Strengthen collaboration 

Develop your expertise in interdisciplinary and cross-departmental working, building the skills required in today’s public services.

Broaden your knowledge

Understand how civil servants are pursuing innovation across many fields, from policy making to automation – and spot the opportunities to link up these agendas.

Make new contacts

Meet people working on this agenda in the Singapore and overseas, expanding your circle and creating the foundations for future collaboration and knowledge-sharing.


Exchange lessons with businesses

Hear the experiences of private sector specialists working on public sector organisation, policy-making and service delivery projects, and identify the lessons for public servants.

Submit your interest in 2025


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Global Government Leader's Forum is part of the Global Government Forum, Global Government Fintech and Pendragon International Media portfolio of events.